Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Panda Girl

Wonder why PANDA GIRL is my title post for today's blog? The fact that those fluffy, chubby, and adorable little creature are one of my favorite animals. I melt when I see videos and pictures of them on the web. I cant resist on their cuteness, and I could not wait for next year to actually see a panda. HK Trip!

Look! I'm wearing a panda shirt. Haha. First time I saw this on a bazaar, I instantly fell in love with it and I was the happiest girl on that day. Finally I own one, actually two. I bought two colors. yay!

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday for work. Yeah, you may see me dress everyday like that. I wanted to be comfortable every time when I work. I work on a BPO company, and I should be in corporate attire. I know, I should be following policies and all that but hey I'm a Graphic Artist and I can dress what I want.

After I went to the bank, I had to ask boyfriend to take outfit shots of me and had to ask him also to buy me a doughnut on a nearby MINISTOP.
*excuse my huge face and sorry for my messy hair

Spike Rainbow Bracelet: Style Chic Parade 
Studded Bracelet : Shop Siamese Sky

Blazer: Mom's closet (hehe)
Panda Top: Random Bazaar
Bandage Skirt & Glasses: Forever 21
Sneakers: Creative Recreation
Bag: Parisian

*Awkward pose. tssss

Borrowed the camera from a friend, cause my brother borrowed mine. Grrr

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad Cherry Girl

I'm hook to DIY projects lately and I'm having fun with it. You have seen my latest DIY project 'OMBRE  SHORTS' which is in my last post and I have also mentioned I made another one which is I think it is way better than the first one. I bought the pants in Penshoppe, a year ago. There are some details at the back pocket that I don't like cause it doesn't match with the style of the shorts right now. So I might change the pocket with prints and some studs once I get some.
Here is the finish product, you may see the pockets are peeking out on the shorts. I might also change the pocket fabric/print.

So I tried the shorts, and it really looks good. I tried to cam whore in front of the mirror, don't mind my messy room. Sorry boyfriend is not around to take pictures of me in times like this. Cherry top is also DIY-ed. Actually it was the first project I have ever done so you may see the cutting of fringe is not perfect. But, the uneven cuts made it more perfect to me.

Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Cherry Fringe Top: Random Bazaar/DIY
Ombre Denim Shorts: DIYSunglasses: Ray-ban
Handkerchief worn us a Headband: SM Dept. Store

I've been very productive lately, so more stuff from me soon.
Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY: Ombre shorts

Before I go to sleep, let me share you what I did today. Believe me, it's my first time to do a DIY project and it was a success. OMBRE SHORTS! I couldn't believe at first how it turned out just the way I want it to be. I was so very hesitant on doing this because it would be such a waste of time.

I was trying to clean/fix my closet this morning because it's like it was hit by a tornado. I had to get rid some of my old clothes cause I will be replacing some new ones soon. I saw this jeans that I wore since College, and it has a hole in the back. It still looks good though and it would such a waste to throw it away just because it has a big hole in the back. At first, I was thinking to cut it off and make a short out of it but I was going for a better idea. 

I cut off the excess part, and try to look dilapidated. As I was heavily running the scissors on the ends, I accidentally rip off. AS IN BIG RIP-OFF! Good thing when I tried it on, it was too long for me. I have to cut the shorts again, and tried slashing and running the blade of scissors on the ends just to look distressed and all that. Afterwards, I soaked it on a bleach. About 10-15 minutes then, tried to soaked it again but this time half of the shorts only. I waited for 30-45 minutes before washing the bleach out of the shorts. It would be better when you do it outside, and under the sun so the bleaching would be faster. (FYI: Do not wash the shorts together with the others if you don't want to ruin your clothes.) I was so excited, that I kept on looking on the shorts while waiting them to be dry.

So here is the finish product. So awesome, I even tried cutting my other pants and had it bleach again.
I'll blog the other one soon.

I so love it, and I was thinking to put studs on it or patches. If only I have the time to go DV shopping for studs. Oh well, this baby will be having a trip to the sewing machine. Ciao!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Style Chic Parade


Yeah! I've been busy for months, and again I was thinking to put down my blog because the fact that I don't update anymore. I've been very busy and the overrated reason "procrastinating" all the time.

Anyway, there are lot things to share. Long overdue photos, my dad bought me a car, and I now belong to a band as their rhythm guitarist (dream come true). I will also revamp this blog, just like doing a make over to myself. I will try to be more of a fashion(I wish) and photo blogger. I promise to my self that I will update this blog often.

You are probably wondering why my title post today is STYLE CHIC PARADE. It's the name of my online shop. I now own an online shop of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I personally pick them, so I might say they are awesome finds/hauls. Some of them are DIYs also, which now on STP's first collection. Thanks to my friend, we had a photoshoot session with models wearing my collection.
Visit Style Chic Parade for the entire collection

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kathleen Abadilla

Model: Kathleen Abadilla
Location: Suba, Ilocos Norte

Sorry for being a lazy ass again on blogging, and yes same line... I'm very much busy with my life right now and my laptop is acting weird for how many weeks. At last, I find time to ask my boyfriend to do the reformatting for me. Time to finish all the backlogs, and I'm done with the first set and down to 7 more sets. I guess...

Anyway, I had a great time taking photos of these three young ladies, and here's one of them.
For complete set, Click here.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm getting addicted to Instagram. Just sharin'.


Yes, I still exist and I'm very sorry that this blog has been dormant for how many weeks. Actually I have been busy at work and at the same time procrastinating. Too many back logs to upload and I hope I can post them as soon as I finalize all the photos. I still have more than five sets waiting to be edited.
Ciao for now!

(PS: Sorry for the low resolution of the photos, these are just sample from my previous shoot. Actually I just drag the photos uploaded in my facebook page. lol)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Rockstar

Model: Railey Ambrocio Gonzales
Photographer: Nathalie Garvida Ratuita
Location: UP Sunken Garden

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold Wacky Morning

Good Morning! I woke up early today. I had a good sleep so being the hyper kid that I am, I tried my newly purchase super cute headband and grab my camera, and took pictures of myself. Cam whoring at 6 AM in the morning. Sorry for the blurry photos though, I don't have anyone to take pictures of me. Boyfriend is probably still sleeping(on his apartment which is only below my apartment, get it!?)

I've been absent from work for three consecutive days because of "STRESS". I had a flu since Monday because our office is like a huge walk-in freezer and at home it's like I'm being toasted in an oven. Who doesn't get sick with the sudden changes in temperature. It's the time of the month, so I was not comfortable with all the icky feeling and I can't even stand the pain due to menstrual cramp. Yesterday, I was already fine and I'm ready for work. I need to have my check up and ask for a medical certificate so I could file for my sick leave. Then again, my doctor wont allow me to work last night due to hypertension and advise me to take a rest. 180/130!!! Now that is too high. My blood test, ECG and 2D Echo results were VERY NORMAL. STRESS is the CULPRIT. A month of night shift plus 8 hours overtime, and we had to work overtime on Saturday. No rest day, who doesn't get sick? Right?! We're probably gonna have more restless days from work.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A must try: Sandboarding

I have been very proud of what Ilocos Norte had become. I am very very amaze how progressive it is now. Ilocos has a lot to offer to all the tourist like food that are to die for, extreme sports and wondrous places.

Every time I had the chance to go home in my hometown, I always get excited with all the new modifications and stuff that had been made in the town. All thanks to our Governor Imee Marcos and also the people of Ilocos. I have been away for more than 2 years because of work. I go home only for a week vacation with my family. If only Metro is just an hour away.*sigh.

Anyway! Ilocos is known for their sand dunes, and it was one of the perfect place to shoot movies because it looks like a desert. I might as well add, that it is fun driving with a huge 4x4 wheel vehicles and quad bikes. People of Ilocos Norte loves extreme sports, and so a group of people came up with an idea and it was so brilliant that they decided to make it happen. Laoag Eco-Adventure Development Movement also known as LEAD MOVEMENT had come up with sandboarding. LEAD movement has a big contribution on promoting tourism in Ilocos. Last month, they had their first sand boarding competition.

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion
(Note: Photos are from Marianne Pasion, I have her permission to use it. Please do not copy)

I haven't tried it yet, since I have no one to accompany me. They said it was very thrilling and at the same time it was fun. My officemate recently visited Ilocos norte. He and his friends tried the sandboarding, and as he tell me stories about his experience I saw in his eyes that he had fun despite of the scorching heat of the sun.

Here are they together with the awesome people of Lead Movement

If you want more reviews and destination guides, I recommend you to visit the blog of Mrs. Tina Tan of Blauearth. One of finest people of LEAD Movement.

Also if you want to experience extreme sports, visit LEAD Movement's site.

I will be going home this coming April and hoping that I could find someone to try sandboarding with me. Anyway look here:

I wanted to invite everyone to joind and win a Barkada Package Getaway in Ilocos Norte with your friends. I tell you, It's the next destination you want to explore and experience.

Note: Ad use here was taken from Paoay Kumakaway's Facebook, I had their permission to include it in my blog, please do not copy without their authorization. Please visit and like them at facebook.
PS: Sorry, I wasn't really born to be good in writing reports and essay. I don't wanna make this as an excuse but I have to say that  I'm very stress from work right now. Brain drain. *Bangenge!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Banana and Potato

This is a very late post, and I blame my crappy internet connection. Anyway, Sunday afternoon before heading out. I was taking photos of my self imitating Agnes from Despicable Me. She was so adorable cute and oh yeah, have you watch the new teaser from Despicable Me 2. YES! New sequal from Gru and rest of the gang. The minions were doing a cover of Barbara Ann by the Beach boys (Please do correct me if I'm wrong) and I think it was the cutest and brilliant idea. The video went viral in youtube and even in social networking site. I have a copy of it, and play it every f*cking time. I even sing along with it, even the lyrics is a little bit weird. But all I know they are singing about Banana and Potato. Despicable Me 2 will hit the theater in Summer Next Year. I know, I can't wait it either but for sure all the waiting will pay off cause this will be another great movie.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Am That Chic

I know my blog consist of different entries. I would like to make it clear that this is a photo/fashion/food/health/travel or whatever I want to blab in this blog. Get it! lol. Anyway, this time I wanna share something about me. I love dressing up and every girl loves that. I sometimes want to be more feminine, and sometimes be boyish. Being comfortable is what I consider when dressing up. At the end of the day you still want to look good, right?

I consider music as a great influence in fashion. Rock music is been my first love, and had been my comfort music when I'm sad or frustrated or even when I'm furiously mad. It had influence me also in the way I act and the way I dress up. Here some sets that best describes me.

Set One

Set Two

Set Three

Set Four