Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad Cherry Girl

I'm hook to DIY projects lately and I'm having fun with it. You have seen my latest DIY project 'OMBRE  SHORTS' which is in my last post and I have also mentioned I made another one which is I think it is way better than the first one. I bought the pants in Penshoppe, a year ago. There are some details at the back pocket that I don't like cause it doesn't match with the style of the shorts right now. So I might change the pocket with prints and some studs once I get some.
Here is the finish product, you may see the pockets are peeking out on the shorts. I might also change the pocket fabric/print.

So I tried the shorts, and it really looks good. I tried to cam whore in front of the mirror, don't mind my messy room. Sorry boyfriend is not around to take pictures of me in times like this. Cherry top is also DIY-ed. Actually it was the first project I have ever done so you may see the cutting of fringe is not perfect. But, the uneven cuts made it more perfect to me.

Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Cherry Fringe Top: Random Bazaar/DIY
Ombre Denim Shorts: DIYSunglasses: Ray-ban
Handkerchief worn us a Headband: SM Dept. Store

I've been very productive lately, so more stuff from me soon.
Ciao for now!

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