Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Vintage

I beginning to love Vintage dresses. Mom handed me down this adorable dress, it's a bit big for me hell, it still look good on me. Had to wear it with a belt though just to define my waist and hips.

[Marks & Spencer's Dress: Hands me down from mom | Vintage belt: Mom's | heels: Jellybean]

Monday, November 7, 2011

Retail Therapy

Went to the mall with boyfriend, and had to spoil my self a little bit. I was a big fan of Forever 21 ever since cause they have gorgeous clothes for ladies in a affordable prize. I always get exhausted whenever I go to the store, since Megamall's Forever 21 store is huge. Anyway, I got myself a new leather jacket, bandage skirt[been wanting one] and a combat boots. I know, how very impulsive of me.

[Top: Random Bazaar | Denim Short: Trifted | Belt: Folded & Hung | Sandals & Bag: Forever 21]

I had to treat my self also a jellybean shoes. Been wanting to have one like this, it's like a Jessica's danny heels.

Leather Jacket & Bandage Skirt from Forever 21

My new favorite.

We went grocery shopping after that. I had to buy oatmeal and cereals cause I decided to take dieting seriously. I know, I've been telling this to myself a million times. I will have to challenge myself and follow the 14 days meal plan and by that I will have a strict diet[maybe a cheat day on weekends, haha!] for 14 days straight. I just wanted to have my body back and have a healthy life.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rainy Saturday

We are supposed to go to the mall, but boyfriend was as always late. I had to cancel our "lakad" cause I was feeling lazy already plus it was raining. Maybe tomorrow will be a great day to splurge new clothes and shoes.

I love my hair, I love how curly it was and my full bangs made me look younger.

[Black top: Bazaar | Dress: Mossimo | Black suede boots : Jannilyn]