Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Panda Girl

Wonder why PANDA GIRL is my title post for today's blog? The fact that those fluffy, chubby, and adorable little creature are one of my favorite animals. I melt when I see videos and pictures of them on the web. I cant resist on their cuteness, and I could not wait for next year to actually see a panda. HK Trip!

Look! I'm wearing a panda shirt. Haha. First time I saw this on a bazaar, I instantly fell in love with it and I was the happiest girl on that day. Finally I own one, actually two. I bought two colors. yay!

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday for work. Yeah, you may see me dress everyday like that. I wanted to be comfortable every time when I work. I work on a BPO company, and I should be in corporate attire. I know, I should be following policies and all that but hey I'm a Graphic Artist and I can dress what I want.

After I went to the bank, I had to ask boyfriend to take outfit shots of me and had to ask him also to buy me a doughnut on a nearby MINISTOP.
*excuse my huge face and sorry for my messy hair

Spike Rainbow Bracelet: Style Chic Parade 
Studded Bracelet : Shop Siamese Sky

Blazer: Mom's closet (hehe)
Panda Top: Random Bazaar
Bandage Skirt & Glasses: Forever 21
Sneakers: Creative Recreation
Bag: Parisian

*Awkward pose. tssss

Borrowed the camera from a friend, cause my brother borrowed mine. Grrr

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