Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold Wacky Morning

Good Morning! I woke up early today. I had a good sleep so being the hyper kid that I am, I tried my newly purchase super cute headband and grab my camera, and took pictures of myself. Cam whoring at 6 AM in the morning. Sorry for the blurry photos though, I don't have anyone to take pictures of me. Boyfriend is probably still sleeping(on his apartment which is only below my apartment, get it!?)

I've been absent from work for three consecutive days because of "STRESS". I had a flu since Monday because our office is like a huge walk-in freezer and at home it's like I'm being toasted in an oven. Who doesn't get sick with the sudden changes in temperature. It's the time of the month, so I was not comfortable with all the icky feeling and I can't even stand the pain due to menstrual cramp. Yesterday, I was already fine and I'm ready for work. I need to have my check up and ask for a medical certificate so I could file for my sick leave. Then again, my doctor wont allow me to work last night due to hypertension and advise me to take a rest. 180/130!!! Now that is too high. My blood test, ECG and 2D Echo results were VERY NORMAL. STRESS is the CULPRIT. A month of night shift plus 8 hours overtime, and we had to work overtime on Saturday. No rest day, who doesn't get sick? Right?! We're probably gonna have more restless days from work.


  1. wheww!! 180/130? that's too high for a 24 yr old like you!! you really need a rest! take time and need to look after yourself though.. take care and God bless!!