Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A must try: Sandboarding

I have been very proud of what Ilocos Norte had become. I am very very amaze how progressive it is now. Ilocos has a lot to offer to all the tourist like food that are to die for, extreme sports and wondrous places.

Every time I had the chance to go home in my hometown, I always get excited with all the new modifications and stuff that had been made in the town. All thanks to our Governor Imee Marcos and also the people of Ilocos. I have been away for more than 2 years because of work. I go home only for a week vacation with my family. If only Metro is just an hour away.*sigh.

Anyway! Ilocos is known for their sand dunes, and it was one of the perfect place to shoot movies because it looks like a desert. I might as well add, that it is fun driving with a huge 4x4 wheel vehicles and quad bikes. People of Ilocos Norte loves extreme sports, and so a group of people came up with an idea and it was so brilliant that they decided to make it happen. Laoag Eco-Adventure Development Movement also known as LEAD MOVEMENT had come up with sandboarding. LEAD movement has a big contribution on promoting tourism in Ilocos. Last month, they had their first sand boarding competition.

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion

Sandboarding Competition courtesy of Marianne Gaces Pasion
(Note: Photos are from Marianne Pasion, I have her permission to use it. Please do not copy)

I haven't tried it yet, since I have no one to accompany me. They said it was very thrilling and at the same time it was fun. My officemate recently visited Ilocos norte. He and his friends tried the sandboarding, and as he tell me stories about his experience I saw in his eyes that he had fun despite of the scorching heat of the sun.

Here are they together with the awesome people of Lead Movement

If you want more reviews and destination guides, I recommend you to visit the blog of Mrs. Tina Tan of Blauearth. One of finest people of LEAD Movement.

Also if you want to experience extreme sports, visit LEAD Movement's site.

I will be going home this coming April and hoping that I could find someone to try sandboarding with me. Anyway look here:

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Note: Ad use here was taken from Paoay Kumakaway's Facebook, I had their permission to include it in my blog, please do not copy without their authorization. Please visit and like them at facebook.
PS: Sorry, I wasn't really born to be good in writing reports and essay. I don't wanna make this as an excuse but I have to say that  I'm very stress from work right now. Brain drain. *Bangenge!

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