Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movie Date: Kung Fu Panda 2

I love pandas, they are adorably cute and cuddly. So when they release the first sequel and watch it, I told to my self that second will be much more cute and funny. I wasn't wrong, as they said it was twice the awesomeness. PO was very funny and it was so right that they picked Jack Black to be PO's voice. I just learned that Jackie Chan was the monkey and Lucy Liu was the viper.

Me and my boyfriend went to Eastwood, Quezon City to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. We were too late for the 6:30pm and it was already full so we decided to take the 8:00pm. So while killing time, we had and early dinner at Stackers and had to walk and take pictures. 

At Stackers
treated my self a blueberry cheesecake Glacier
His Strawberry Glaciers
making pa cute
goofy face failure
Me and boyfriend taking picture in front
Eastwood Mall =))
good thing Eastwood Mall has lounge areas were
we can sit and relax a bit
at Eastwood City Walk, waiting to go
inside the theater
(Dress: Trifted, Boots: Janilyn, Bag: Forever 21)

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