Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flu Season

I'm definitely sick and have a flu.
Yesterday, I was soaked and wet from the rain and I was freezing in the office. My pants were wet, so is my shoes and socks. I had to let it dry so I was walking barefoot in our place. I knew then that I will catch a cold which I have now.

Oh well, I'm a stubborn little girl. I hate taking medicines and drinking juices rich in vitamin C. I'm working in night shift for almost 5 weeks now and 1 more week until I'll be going back to working in day shift. Stressful I know, so I should be taking care of myself from now on. So no more visit to the doctor and so no more money will go to waste for poor health.

Things I do and should other else do when getting sick:

Drink plenty of water
Have enough sleep
( 8 hours of sleep, more than that would definitely give you body ache. Trust me, it happens to me when I sleep more than 10 hours )
Eat plenty of fruits ( Vitamin C )
Take Vitamin C Tablets
(Probably not for me)


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