Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Little Nathalie

[Corset like top & gold bangle: Random bazaar on Eastwood  | Green Jade bangle: Gift from boyfriend's mom| blazer: Hip Culture | floral skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Jellybean | bag | Tomato]

Here is what I wore on Valentine's eve. I wanted to wear my pleated maxi skirt and a corset like top but then again it would look too formal. I want to look sweet on v-day. So I had to wear this floral skirt, and my newly purchase dotted corset. It look sexy and yet too cute/girly for me. I had to wear a blazer/cardigan on it cause I still can't bare my huge arms. I don't know why my arms won't shrink, and to think that I do boxing everyday. I think boxing is making my arms bulkier. Grrr!

Anyway, here is my date! Of course my boyfriend, who did not make an effort to look great on v-day. Haha. He didn't even get me flowers and chocolates, talking about no effort at all. It was ok and I don't want to make a big fuss about it. However, he surprised me with a gift. He personally delivered it in our office last Friday. He got me a new mobile phone. He knew I can't wait to buy a new phone(was planning to buy it at the end of the month) so he bought one for me. It's a monthsary gift actually. It's one of the best gift I have received from him. He knew me well, and he sure knows how to make me smile. I love him not because of the things he is giving me but the love and care he is showing me.

Here is my message to him:
I am so thankful enough that I have you in my life. I am sorry that sometimes I nag, I make "kulit" and bully you. I love you so much mahal ko. And yes, less nagging but more kulit and pang-bubully. I know you cant resist my over pa-cute smile when I make kulit you. hehe..

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