Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lets Do This

I am having a problem losing weight lately specially now that I'm getting depress of what is happening to me. I haven't been focus on my diet and exercise regimen because of stress from work. I eat when I get stress. That explains why I'm gaining weight again. I do boxing but since I go home late at night because of overtime, I'm too tired to do a cardio exercise and boxing.

I was browsing the other day when I stumble upon a blog site where it features a celebrity whom I admire since her teen years. She was all chubby back then, now she is fucking sexy. I was like "How did she do that?" and I learned that she is a pesco-vegetarian and doing the PLANA FORMA technique. I was inspired so I was motivated. I want that kind of body too.

A while ago, I had to do a 30 minutes of boxing. I wanna get serious this time, and I'll do this 30 minutes a day. Cardio and toning on every other day. More water, and healthier meal. I wanna shed 10-20 pounds and make it as a challenge to my self.

Here are some tips on how to lose 5 pounds and hopefully this would be a big help to everyone.
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Control your portion
Portion control is one of the most excellent ways to lose 5 pounds, and it doesn’t really require any extra effort on your part. Many experts suggest actually weighing your food, measuring everything, et cetera, at least once a week. If you have the time and patience to do that, go for it. However, there are simpler methods to follow as well. For instance, eyeball your portions; typically, sides like starches should be about the size of your palm, meats should be fist sized, and you can generally eat as many vegetables as you like, as long as they aren’t cooked in an unhealthy manner. You can also start eating off of smaller plates. That way, if you always feel inclined to clean your plate, you’re at least eating off a smaller surface size.

Eat more often
This might seem entirely counterproductive but, again, it’s all about portion size, control, and moderation. Rather than eating three large meals a day, you can eat five to six smaller ones throughout the day. This is a great way to improve your metabolism and it will keep you from feeling hungry and turning to fattening snacks.

Cut the fat
Cutting down on the amount of fat you eat will also help you lose 5 pounds fast, but I don’t mean just avoiding fatty fast foods and the like. You can also stay away from salad dressings and instead use oil and vinegar, or use balsamic vinegar to dilute a tablespoon of your favorite dressing.

Avoid temptation
As I mentioned, making smart choices is one of the best ways to lose 5 pounds. You need to stay away from the foods that really tempt you. If you adore Hot Pockets or frozen pizzas, it will be better to keep your distance from them. There are certain things you can simply moderate, but some foods should just be avoided altogether.

Getting more active
You simply can’t lose weight without exercising. Shedding 5 pounds isn’t a lot, but even that amount requires some activity. If you simply don’t have time for the gym or regular workouts, you can still introduce more activity into your daily life. Just take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from your destination so you have to walk, and try walking to some of your errands rather than driving.

Watch what you drink
When looking for healthy ways to lose 5 pounds, you simply have to think about what’s going into your body. Lots of different beverages can cause weight gain, so cutting them out of your diet, or at least moderating your intake, can really help you shed those pesky pounds. Above all, drink lots of water. Avoid drinks with lots of sugar. If you have to drink soda, switch to diet. You should also seriously moderate your alcohol intake, because those are all empty calories.

Keep a food diary
It’s often hard to keep an eye on what you eat while you’re doing it; you just don’t think about it. You eat on the fly, you want something fast, and the kinds of foods that lend themselves to a quick bite are often bad for you. So, keeping a food diary is one of the greatest ways to lose 5 pounds, because it holds you accountable. Once you see the kinds of things you’re eating throughout the day, it makes you more aware of what you’re putting in your body, and that can lead you to make healthier choices more naturally.

Choose healthy hobbies
There are lots of hobbies and activities you can do each day that will ultimately help you lose weight. You won’t be thinking about it, however, and that can make it easier. Doing housework isn’t exactly a hobby, but you burn plenty of calories just by mopping up, making dinner, or running the vacuuming. You can start a garden, which will both keep you active and provide you with healthy foods. You can even take up video games if you turn to the kinds of games that encourage full body movement.

As mentioned, you have to hold yourself accountable. You are responsible for what you put into your body. Don’t have two scoops of ice cream when one is enough – or go with frozen yogurt or sorbet instead. Don’t have seconds right away; give yourself about 20 minutes so your brain gets the message that you’re full. If you’re still hungry, then have a small second helping. Avoid super sizing your foods at all costs – you don’t need that much!

Remember to eat breakfast
I never eat breakfast; most of the people I know skip this highly important meal. Even though you’re eating, having breakfast is still one of the most fantastic, effective ways to lose 5 pounds. It keeps your metabolism going strong, it gives you the energy you need to get through the day, and it actually stops you from overeating. If you know what it’s like to skip breakfast and end up starving at lunch, you understand why.

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