Monday, January 23, 2012

Random Things

Again, I've not in the mood lately so that's why I haven't been updating my blog. I'm also having problem sleeping, and I only get two hours of sleep. Anyway I have a list of things I wanna share with you.

1)Reason why I'm not in the mood for everything lately, because I got robbed at Eastwood City. Yeah, at Eastwood, Libis. I was so disappointed with Eastwood's security cause they can't provide us satisfaction with their services. We were just asking them to show us their recorded videos on their CCTV but then they asked us to file a complain and a request form for the video, and the annoying part is we have to wait for it if this will be approve or not. Oh come on! Seriously?! Waiting for approval? and who knows if this will be approve by their head of security. Just the face of that person who took my phone is all we ask for. Damn it! I guess their services are just for the rich ones. Tsk tsk!

2) After days of waiting, I got my new baby. My 50mm from Nikon. Thanks to my awesome tita.
(Late graduation gift, and yes  I graduated 2 years ago) I originally asked for watch, but since she can't find the watch I want I asked for a lens instead. Will try this later for our photowalk in Binondo for the Chinese New Year.

3) What happened? Boxing happened. Been boxing for a while now, shadow boxing or practicing in a punching bag. Whatever you call that, I don't even know the term in boxing. GAHD! I just wanted to try this and hoping that my arms will shrink in no time.

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