Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out of Boredom

Had nothing to do in my work station while at work. It was a whole day of boredom, and I had to bear with the fact that I had to wait for a site to be build. Since I don't know why the hell I am not receiving any work package from the system, I had to do something. While browsing blogs from known bloggers, I stumbled upon a page were in I fell in love with her drawings and paintings. Hers were drawn in a canvas paper or whatever-fine-arts-student call that, and used water color to give life in her art. So for the sake of killing boredom, I had to make my own. Oh well, since I'm not good in drawings and painting and I don't have any materials, I used Photoshop CS3. I love how it came out that way. Soooo me.. <3

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